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1. How can I immigrate to British Columbia? - Law Wise Professional Corporation
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1. How can I immigrate to British Columbia?

1. How can I immigrate to British Columbia?


British Columbia has a few options to choose from if you wish to immigrate to the province:

  • Skills Immigration Stream;
  • Express Entry British Columbia Stream;
  • Entrepreneur Immigration.

Step 1: Depending on your specific situation, choose the stream that is right for you. Find out if you are eligible for the chosen stream.

Step 2: If you need to, register through the SIRS system.

Step 3: Submit your application through BCPNP Online.

Step 4: Obtain a provincial nomination from B.C.

Step 5: Submit a permanent residence application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Candidates need to first register through the SIRS system on BCPNP Online. If you are applying through the International Post-Graduate Category or the Healthcare Professional Category, you do not need to register for the SIRS, and can apply directly on BCPNP Online.

You will then get a registration score and are entered the pool. If you meet specific criteria and have a score above a specific threshold, you will receive an invitation to apply for provincial nomination. You will then have 30 days to apply through BCPNP Online.

If successful, you will receive a provincial nomination, you can then apply for permanent residence with the Canadian federal government.

If you received a provincial nomination through the Express Entry system, you will have the option to accept it.

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