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10) What is a provincial nomination and how can I get one? - Law Wise Professional Corporation
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10) What is a provincial nomination and how can I get one?

10) What is a provincial nomination and how can I get one?


Under Canada’s Constitution, the federal government and provinces and territories share the authority to select and settle new immigrants.

Canada’s federal immigration department, IRCC, manages the overall immigration system including Express Entry, and various programs such as the FSTP.

In addition, the provinces and territories operate their own selection programs for skilled workers. Quebec operates its own system. Most other provinces and territories operate the Provincial Nominee Program. Under the PNP, each province or territory can “nominate” immigration candidates who meet their requirements. Immigration candidates with a provincial nomination then have their permanent residence applications processed by IRCC.

You can get a provincial nomination two ways. You can apply directly to a province or territories’ PNP. You can also enter the Express Entry pool if you are eligible for the FSTP or another program, and potentially receive an invitation by a province or territory to apply to their PNP. This will give you 600 extra CRS points which will almost guarantee you will get a permanent residence invitation by IRCC under Express Entry.

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