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7. What is the cost of living in Alberta? - Law Wise Professional Corporation
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7. What is the cost of living in Alberta?

7. What is the cost of living in Alberta?


Alberta has some advantages when it comes to cost of living. For example, there are no provincial health care premiums and no provincial sales tax (PST).

This means that you will only have to pay the Goods and Services (GST) that is paid by everyone in Canada. This is 5%.

In other provinces, you would pay both GST and PST. For example, in British Columbia, you would be 7% PST and the 5% GST, which means you would be paying 12% in sales tax.

In addition, Alberta offers tax rebates and credits that help with your finances.

It is also worth noting that Alberta has a higher family income than the rest of Canada. According to the 2018 Canadian Income Survey, families in Alberta earned an average of $98,400 after tax. The Canadian average is $84,900.

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