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About Law Wise - Lawwise Professional Corporation
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About Law Wise

Why Choose Us?

Law Wise Professional Corporation is an energetic and vibrant law firm that practices law with a sophisticated flair. We do not take our clients for granted and we do not dabble. Our practice is dedicated exclusively to all facets of Immigration Law, Real Estate Law, Family Law as well as Employment law advocacy.


We hold a special enthusiasm for the law and pride ourselves in innovative thinking and devotion to detail those results in favorable outcomes for our client’s cases. Each client gets special attention and our complete focus.


We choose Mississauga as our home because this allows us to occupy a central location to service clients all over the Greater Toronto Area from Downtown to all around Durham York, Peel, and Halton, regions.


Contact the firm today to speak with our lawyers and schedule a consultation as soon as possible.

Our commitment to you

Choosing the right law firm for you is an important decision.  In some cases, your livelihood actually does depend on it. This is where our team of lawyers can help. When you choose us, we commit to treat your case with the care, dedication, compassion, and the attention that you deserve.

If you are looking for experienced and dedicated lawyers with regard to your Family Law matter, Real estate or Immigration matter or you need an advice regarding your employment law issue, please contact us online or by phone at (647) 948-7819


We understand that contrary to popular belief, being a lawyer is not simply about reciting and memorizing a list of legal rules and principles. Our lawyers treat the practice of law as an art form requiring both creativity and discipline.

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