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Family Law Attorney Ontario - Lawwise Professional Corporation | 2021-22
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Court Litigation & Court Orders

Professional Family Law Attorney Ontario

family law attorneyOur family law attorneys provide independent legal advice personalized to the facts of your case with suitable recommendations. There are many circumstances in which you can opt for Litigation for Family Law matters. In all circumstances, when you are served with court documentation or want to initiate legal proceedings, we can provide independent legal advice personalized to the facts of your case with suitable recommendations. We help parties understand the potential legal implications of every action and are dedicated to act in your best interests and to explain you your legal rights.

Such situations may include:


∎ Dispute cases regarding custody of and access to a child which has not been resolved even after negotiation, collaborative law and mediation;
∎ The possibility of one parent removing the child from his usual residence without the other parent’s consent;
∎ Safety of the family can be assured only after a restraining order is issued;
∎ The possibility of the child being abducted or has been abducted;
∎ One Spouse refuses to do complete financial disclosure which is essential for determining child and spousal support and property issues;
∎ Presence of unresolved spousal or child support and property issues;
∎ Outstanding child or spousal support which needs to be enforced;
∎ The possibility that one parent is fast depleting family assets and a freezing order is required immediately;
∎ The occurrence of changes after preparing the separation agreement or court order;
∎ The situation of child protection exists which requires legal proceedings and or;
∎ When the parties require a divorce order


Enforcement of Court Orders


Obtaining an order that is legally enforceable can be done in various ways. For example, you may start an application in the court to obtain an order for custody, access, support, or division of family property, among other things. Once the court makes a decision regarding your case, a court order will be issued.


In other situations, spouses will come to an agreement in a less formal setting; for example, by sitting down with their lawyers or a mediator. Informal discussions such as these can result in the creation of a domestic contract, such as a separation agreement, a paternity agreement, or a cohabitation agreement. In order for these agreements to be enforceable, they must be filed with the court.

How Our Family Law Attorneys Can Help You?

Law Wise family lawyers will help in making effective representation in obtaining necessary orders & force the other party to fulfill their obligations.

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