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Expert Lawyer For Family Immigration to Canada

Family Immigration to CanadaFamily reunification is one of the pillars of Family immigration to Canada’s and family class sponsorship programs fulfil this purpose. There are special requirements for both the sponsor and the person who is sponsored.


What is Canadian family sponsorship?

There are two main aspects to sponsorship for Family Immigration to Canada:

          1) It allows your family to move to Canada and find permanent residence (PR).

          2) It requires that you, as an individual, be committed to providing basic needs and financial support to that person.



Can I be a sponsor?

To support the family to move to Canada, you need to meet various requirements such as being:

a permanent resident or citizen of Canada

18 years or older
be able to support financially the person being sponsored for several years


Who can I sponsor?

Spouses and common-law partners

Dependent children
Parents and grandparents


However, there are exceptions to this rule and it may be possible to support a non-immediate family member in certain circumstances with family immigration to Canada programme.

What Are the Income Requirements to Sponsor?

Being a sponsor, you need to sign a Sponsorship Agreement with your sponsored family member. This is your commitment to providing financial support for the basic needs (clothing, shelter, food, and health needs not covered by public health services) of the family member being sponsored.

For other types of sponsorship, you will also need to meet or exceed the Low Income Cut-off (LICO), for example, if you are:

Sponsoring a spouse or partner who has a dependent child and that child has one or more children of his or her own, or

Sponsoring a dependent child with one or more dependent children of his or her, or
Sponsoring a parent or grandparent.

Canada Spouse Visa

Family Immigration to CanadaTo apply for a Canadian spouse visa for your spouse or conjugal partner both of you must be 18 years or older. Your partner should be a member of the family class, otherwise, you will not be able to sponsor him or her. You must be a permanent resident of Canada, a Canadian citizen, or have a work permit to sponsor your spouse. If you qualify, you can sponsor your spouse or partner to obtain a Canadian Spouse Visa, to become a permanent resident of Canada.

What is a Sponsorship Undertaking?

You will need to sign an “undertaking” that gives you a legal obligation for the family being sponsored to immigrate to Canada. If that family member needs government social assistance, you will need to pay for this. The undertaking will last for a period of time-based on the family member you sponsor and will not be cancelled even if circumstances change (i.e. if you divorce or separate, or if your sponsored person becomes a Canadian citizen, or if you combat with financial problems).

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