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Study in Canada: Perfect Guide for Students- lawwise 2022
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Study In Canada

Study in Canada, Get a Post Graduate Work Permit and Expand Your immigration Options.

study in canadaBest way to study in Canada. There are more than 1,500 colleges, universities, and other educational institutions recognized by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada (IRCC) to welcome international students to study in Canada. These institutions are called designated learning centres (DLIs) and exist to help foreign students, studying in Canada and stay in the country after graduation. The list of IRCC-approved DLIs is growing. Please ensure that the university, college, or other institution you wish to take admission is accredited by the IRCC.


study in canada

To apply for a Canadian student visa the main requirement is to have valid student status in Canada. This status is acquired as soon as you are admitted to a designated learning institution in Canada.

Upon receipt of a letter of acceptance, LAW WISE may assist you to submit an application to the Government of Canada for a Canadian student visa. Canada Student Visa is a document that many people need to be able to legally reside in Canada as a student.

Sufficient documentation is required as proof of appropriate financial resources to support your education and related expenses. While you will receive financial support from your family in your home country, you may consider taking a job in Canada. All full-time students in accredited educational programs are eligible to work part-time during the academic year and full-time on scheduled study breaks. As an international student, you are also eligible and may apply for bursaries and scholarships through selected colleges and universities.


After completing your studies, LAW WISE can assist you to stay in Canada to get more professional experience and seek for permanent residence. The PGWP is important for foreign students who wish to make their immigration applications to Canada more competitive.

International students passing from post-secondary schools in Canada have many opportunities to extend their stay and eventually switch to permanent residency. Your education or study in Canada can put you in a good position when it comes to pursuing a permanent residence status in Canada. There are many immigration programs offered by provisional and federal immigration who prefer Canadian education and work experience.

After graduating in Canada, you can get a professional experience in Canada by obtaining a Postgraduate Work Permit (PGWP) which, depending on your Canadian curriculum, enables you to work in Canada for three years.

While holding the PGWP, there are many governments and provincial permanent residency programs you can peruse, such as:



Express Entry: With Express Entry, international former students may be best qualified to qualify for the prestigious Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program, which allows tens of thousands of temporary foreign workers and international students seeking permanent residence each year.

The Provincial Nominee Program: (PNP) allows provinces and territories throughout Canada to identify immigrants who meet their local economic needs. Many PNP streams award applicants who international former students were or who were especially dedicated to international students.

Quebec also encourages international former students to seek for permanent residence. One of the notable ways to do this is through the Quebec Experience program.

The federal government provides special streams for international students and/or exemptions from the Canadian work experience requirements. These include the Atlantic International Graduate Program (which operates under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot) and the Rural and the Northern Immigration Pilot.

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