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Trials & Appeals

Typically, cases do settle before the trial stage. However, if the parties are unable to reach a mutually agreeable resolution, each party should be properly prepared to try their case at the trial stage. Often, offers to settle, mediations, or settlement conferences are scheduled and conducted in the hopes of settling the case before trial.

As the trial date approaches, we will reassess the theory of your case, and ensure that it becomes tighter and more focused. Our employment lawyers will remove or add arguments as needed to strengthen the case and prepare the necessary evidence to put our client’s best foot forward.


At trial, we will present the merits of our client’s case and respond to any claims made by the opposing side. We believe that as part of our strategy, it is important to understand all the parties’ positions to prepare the client for what may lie ahead.






The appeal process and the appellate courts require specific knowledge and experience. Regardless of whether you won at trial and are now facing an appeal or lost at trial and want to start an appeal, the experienced lawyers at LAW WISE are here to help. Depending on the nature of the decision, a party to the proceeding may have the right to appeal the decision. However, in some cases, that right might not exist, and the parties will first have to obtain leave or permission from the court to appeal.


The appeal process is one that requires attention to the smallest details. To appeal a case, the process involves thoroughly examining transcripts and records, to interpret, assess and clarify the outcome.


The choice of whether or not to appeal a decision can be a difficult one to make. The lawyers at LAW WISE can help provide guidance on deciding whether to appeal a decision and also provide guidance and representation throughout each step of the appeal process, as it may be difficult to navigate.

How Can Law Wise Help?

Whether going through a trial or appeal, we understand that going to court may be your last resort. However, at times when there is a workplace dispute with an employer, which cannot be resolved through alternative dispute resolution methods, litigation may be required. We can provide legal advice; outlining your options and potential risks. We will then create a litigation strategy and represent you in court.


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