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Notary Public & Commissioner Of Oaths

Notarization / Notary Public in Ontario

Notary Public in OntarioLAW WISE Lawyers are skilled Notary Public in Ontario operating in Mississauga, Brampton, and Toronto who have witnessed more than thousands of legal documents for their clients. We notarize documents, administer oaths, statutory declarations, declarations needed for affidavits and other solemn affirmations. We also do certify true copies of the original documents. We also function as an official witness for contract execution (including international contracts), finalization of contract agreements and other legal documents. A notarized, agreement becomes legally binding and it becomes difficult for any party to the contract to backtrack.

Commissioning of Documents/ Commissioner of Oaths


Notary Public in OntarioIn many countries, for an international contract to be legally binding it needs to be declared, affirmed and sworn in the presence of a Notary Public / Commissioner of Oaths. When you are planning to use the legal document or agreement internationally, it is advisable to get the document notarized. Otherwise, you may run the risk of your documents not being accepted by the institution where they are required to be submitted.



Preparing for your Appointment


During the appointment, we will first properly identify you and witness you signing the document. You will need to bring your identification proof, a government-issued ID when you come.

You need to bring the originals and the Notary Public will make photocopies of your documents. Once we review your documents and agreements and confirm their veracity, we will certify it to be a true copy.

If you need to swear an oath, complete all your documents prior to our appointment except for signature and dates, the person signing the document must appear before the Oath Commissioner.

The most important thing to remember about sworn statements is that everything stated must be true. You are making statements about what you know, not what you think. You are setting out facts, not theories. You can make a statement about what you reasonably believe to be true, but if you do, you must be clear that you are expressing a belief and not making a statement of fact.

It is important to sign on the document in front of the notary public, for any signature to be officially notarized. So, never sign the documents by yourself, before coming to the Notary Public.



Drafting Affidavits and Agreements Services


Notary Public in OntarioWe can help you prepare/draft simple affidavits that do not include legal advice.  In this case, we only provide drafting assistance in situations where legal advice isn’t required. For example, we can help you draw the affidavit that you want to get married! But if you want to draft an affidavit to support a claim in court; that you really need legal advice. Don’t worry we have a team of lawyers we can provide the same for an extra fee.

We draft most of the affidavits, Immigration Invitation letters, Consent letters for travel, Common Law Union Statutory Declaration, Custodianship Declarations and other declarations.

If your Affidavit requires exhibits you must take them with you when you have it sworn. The Commissioner of Oath or Notary Public that you swear before must also mark the exhibits as well.




Our services include but are not limited to:


∎ Agreements for separation, custody, cohabitation, and divorce
∎ Invitation letters for visitors to Canada.
∎ Statutory declarations for identity confirmation, property ownership, professional accreditation relationship status, Citizenship and Immigration applications
∎ Real Estate and mortgage documents for purchase and sale of residential and commercial properties within and outside Canada.
∎ Drafting promissory notes, waivers, contracts, leases, and other agreements
∎ Draft, and finalize all kinds of statutory declarations and Affidavits
∎ Commissioning Oaths and Affidavits
∎ Certified True Copies of Original Documents such as degrees, diplomas, certificates, wills, marriage certificates, death certificates
∎ Affidavits for stolen vehicles and insurance claims
∎ Affidavits of service
∎ Name change Affidavits for child or adult in the Province of Ontario
∎ Gender change affidavits
∎ Transfer of Vehicle Ownership Affidavits including used vehicle sworn statement in case of family gift in Ontario
∎ Divorce Affidavits
∎ Landlord-Tenant Board Affidavits
∎ Consulate Documents
∎ OSAP application Affidavits for relationship status and other issues
∎ Relationship Status Affidavits for common-law relationships, marriage and separations
∎ Affidavits as needed by Insurance Companies
∎ Signature and Identity Verification including security clearances such as employment and background checks
∎ Letter of consent for children to travel abroad in single or shared custody situations
∎ Statutory declarations for lost, stolen passports, Canadian travel documents or statutory declaration in lieu of guarantor for passports
∎ Any other statutory declaration needed by an institution or law
∎ Joint affidavits of marriage
∎ Common-Law Union Statutory Declaration
∎ Statutory declaration of name splits / name change
∎ Income Affidavits

We Provide Notary Services to the GTA

How our Notary Public Lawyer can Help You?

We understand your specific circumstances and provide tailored & personalized solutions & care to each client in these matters, which is sometimes a vital document to deal with one’s position in law. LAW WISE Notary Public Lawyer in Mississauga, Brampton & Toronto can help you with the preparation, endorsement, witnessing, and certification of your required documents. 


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