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Ministry of Labour (MoL) Complaints

Employees that are covered under the Employment Standards Act (ESA) can file a claim with the Ministry of Labour if they believe that their employer is not complying with the law. An individual can make a complaint to the Ministry of Labour by calling the Ministry’s Health and Safety Contact Centre. Complaints to the Ministry of Labour can be anonymous.

Employees can file complaints for an alleged violation of the ESA, such as payment of wages, wage entitlement and pay, vacation pay, overtime pay, failure to pay termination and severance pay, maternity and parental leave, hours of work, reprisals, and public holidays.


LAW WISE employment lawyers understand the importance for employers to manage their staff in accordance with the Ministry of Labour, the ESA, and the Human Rights Code.


We can help provide the legal advice needed to ensure that the management of staff meets the statutory and legislated requirements, such as with regards to employee documentation, recruitment, dismissals, and maternity and parental leave.


We can also provide you with advocacy and representation before the Ministry of Labour, various regulatory bodies, administrative tribunals and the courts at hearings and on appeals.


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