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Family Lawyer Mississauga

Law Wise Family Lawyer Mississauga


Our experienced family lawyer Mississauga, Brampton & Toronto team will be happy to assist you with your family law needs. We will help you sail smoothly through this time of emotional stress, while dealing with family law issues, in a professional, timely and cost-effective manner. We are respected by the legal fraternity, our colleagues and our clients for our client-centric services.


Our Divorce lawyers in Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto can help you resolve all aspects of divorce, whether contested or simple. There are many issues on which spouses may not be in agreement with each other. Law Wise Family Lawyers in Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto have a thorough understanding of many legal issues that may arise during the divorce process. Some of these complexities include division of matrimonial property and equalization, Child Support and spousal support issues, Child custody & excess issues combined with a practical parenting plan.
Our Family Lawyers Mississauga are easily accessible to clients and committed to their needs throughout their family law cases.

Do you need a Divorce Lawyer in Mississauga?


A divorce could be simple divorce, contested divorce or a joint divorce. Where there are no complex issues involved, a divorce application can take several months to finalize. However, the divorce will not be granted until the one-year period of separation has elapsed. Where there are more complex issues to be resolved, our experienced Divorce lawyers Mississauga, Brampton & Toronto can help guide you in the process and ensure that your rights are protected.

What is parenting, custody or access?


Law Wise Family Lawyers are experienced in answering these and other difficult questions regarding the impact of separation and divorce on children. We strive to help clients arrive at parenting arrangements that will place the children’s best interests first. If needed, lawyers or mediators are present to assist them in decision making, failing which the Court steps in to officiate.


Where appropriate, parents should share in the parenting decisions related to their children, as well as the time spent with their children.
Decisions made by parents about health, education, religion, and major recreational activities for their children refer to Custody.



This term “access” simply refers to the time that the one or the other parent will spend with their child. Shared parenting has weekly segregations as both parents are sharing responsibility for the parenting of the children.




What is a Parenting Plan?


In the event of a separation or divorce, a parenting plan is used to define and detail the manner in which parents raise, look after and shape their children’s future.


The format of the plan should be clear with an aim to reduce any future disputes or disagreements between divorced or separated parents. It is advisable that both parents cooperate with respect to these issues in order to avoid conflict.



Our Family Lawyer in Mississauga, Brampton & Toronto will help you in making effective representation for custody & Access /parenting disputes.



What is Child support Ontario?


Each province and territory in Canada has its Child Support Table. In Ontario Child Support Guidelines, the child support is made up of two components:

  1. The table amount (a basic monthly child support amount that covers food, clothing and school supplies); and
  1. Special and extraordinary expenses (usually called Section 7 expenses that covers child care expenses, health care expenses etc.).



The goals of the Child Support Guidelines is to establishing a reasonable support standard, making child support amount objective to reduce conflict between the parents, enabling similar treatment of parents and children in identical situations and increasing efficiency of the child support process and creating more awareness amongst parents to encourage settlements.



If you need assistance determining whether you should be receiving child support for your child or collecting your support from the other parent, or if you believe that you should no longer be paying child support, Law Wise family lawyers are here to help. Our goal is always to resolve your Child Support issue in a cooperative and informal manner. However, where informal negotiations do not work, our lawyers will employ their litigation experience to advance your interests through the court process. Law Wise family lawyers in Mississauga will help in making effective representation for Child Support disputes.


What is Child protection law in Ontario


In Ontario, child protection law is governed by the Child, Youth and Family Service Act, 2017 (CFSA). Child protection proceedings are commenced by child protection agencies whenever there are concerns that a child is at risk or harm, or is being harmed emotionally, physically, or sexually. The safety and well-being of the child are the primary factors guiding the actions and beliefs of Society.


Some of the factors that will determine entitlement to support, as well as the duration of the support obligation, include: The length of the relationship, the roles played by each spouse throughout the relationship, the age of the spouses at the time of separation, the ability of one spouse to support the other and, the ability of the recipient spouse to become self-sufficient



They may have reason to apprehend any child in the below situations::

  • • Emotional or physical abuse

  • • Alcohol or drug abuse

  • • Mental issues and/or

  • • Neglect issues or domestic violence situation


Child Protection agencies are usually called Children’s Aid Society or CAS. There are many such agencies throughout Ontario. For a list of these agencies, please visit


If a child is apprehended by the Society, it must as soon as practicable, but in any event no more than five days after:


  • • Return the child to the person who has custody of the child, or who last had care of the child; or

  • • Have the child remain in the care of the Society under a temporary care agreement; or

  • • Bring the matter to court to obtain an interim order for the Society to maintain care of the child.


Getting proper legal representation is crucial as these cases have specific vital statutory timelines. If the child has been in the Society’s Care for long, it is more likely that they may apply to the court requesting for ‘Crown Ward ship’ for the child. The Crown Ward ship is granted if a permanent placement for the child remains with the Society.
The Society has many ways of intervention without necessarily taking the child into their custody including: Support services and agreements, Family conferences, take-charge provisions, Mediation, and Protective intervention orders.


For most parents and parties involved in a Children’s Aid matter, it is a very stressful and difficult time of their lives. Law Wise Family Lawyers have a wealth of experience dealing with these agencies throughout Ontario. We can help you navigate this very difficult and complex area of law whether you are a parent or a family member who is involved in a CAS matter. Child protection cases are usually very complicated with a myriad of involved parties. It is very important that you seek competent legal advice from one of our Family Lawyers in Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto as soon as possible if a Children’s Aid Society has commenced protection proceedings involving your children.

What is a domestic agreement?


Domestic agreements are written agreements made between two partners. These agreements allow couples to address the issues that may arise during the breakdown of a relationship. Below are different kinds of agreements.


Pre-Nuptial Agreements: A contract made between two spouses before they get legally married is called a prenuptial agreement.


Separation Agreements: A couple may decide to separate and end their relationship; they will need to make important decisions on certain matters through this agreement.


Cohabitation Agreements: Common law spouses can formulate a cohabitation agreement, which is deemed to be a marriage contract after the spouses get married legally.

How Law Wise Family Lawyers can help you?


Our experienced Family Lawyers in Mississauga, Brampton & Toronto will provide you personalized care and attention to deal with your domestic agreement needs. We keep your goals and your legal rights at the forefront while negotiating the terms of your agreement.





At Law Wise Professional Corporation, we understand your specific circumstances & our Family lawyers with special knowledge would assume the task of your family law matter concerning separation & Divorce, Custody & Access and parenting, Child support, spousal support and domestic agreements. Trust our team of lawyers who are able to navigate you through the rough waters. 


You can find us in the Google bar by typing Family Lawyer near me. Law Wise Professional Corporation will come up in the search results.


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