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Consultation Process - Lawwise Professional Corporation
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Consultation Process

Our consultations at Law Wise Professional Corporation are almost never shorter than an hour as they are detailed and thorough. We strive to give all our prospective clients the best possible legal service that we can. Our lawyers review all documents provided to them by the prospective client. We go over the client’s full factual narrative in the matter so that we have a concrete picture of the background of the case at hand, which often includes complex fact situations, especially in matters that involve constrained family history, harassment or human rights concerns. Simply put, our consultations ensure that our prospective clients have the best possible value for their meeting with a lawyer.


One of our aims in the consultation process is to make sure that the prospective client has a full understanding of the legal principles at play in their matter including what their legal rights or obligations may be. We do not use any vetting agents or other “legal representatives” – you will deal directly with a licensed lawyer once you have committed to a consultation.

Our consultations are carefully prepared and crafted. In the vast majority of cases, individuals come out of the consultation with a solid next-step plan whether it be to continue down the road toward litigation or not – we will give you our honest opinion about your case (good or bad). We will also review the different ways in which prospective clients can retain our firm including setting out how Law Wise Professional Corporation bills its clients and how things like retainer agreements, contingency arrangements, etc. work. You can review our Legal Fees page to learn more about our billing practices in advance.


We will address what such a process may entail and the legal avenues that may be involved to resolve your legal matter.

At the conclusion of the consultation, you will decide if you want to move forward with signing a retainer agreement with us or not. There will be no pressure on our end and you are not obligated to sign-up unless both you and our firm feel comfortable working with each other.


We loved having prospective clients come to our boardroom. We think it’s important to meet with a lawyer in-person if possible given the seriousness of the relationship and the level of comfort needed with the lawyer and the prospective client. Since COVID-19, we began to offer zoom meetings or over-the-phone consultations which most people prefer and which have not affected the quality of our consultations. However, we prefer in-person consultations depending on the comfort level of the prospective client and the need to conduct the consultation in-person.

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