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Notary Public Mississauga


Notary Public in OntarioFor notary public Mississauga, Law Wise offers a comprehensive range of professional notarial services in Mississauga both for private and business clients through experienced and deferential public notaries near me. You have probably been advised to get any document “notarized” by an official entity or a foreign attorney, do not worry. You are in the right place to get a notary public in Mississauga and nearby areas.

Suppose you need a notary to verify true copies of documents, witness the sign of documentation, or witness the execution of a power of attorney. In that case, we are here to serve you with professional, gallant, and quick notarial services.

Commissioner of Oath in Mississauga

Law wise offer services for commissioner of oath in Mississauga. In most of the countries, for an international contract to be legally binding it needs to be declared, affirmed and sworn in the presence of a Commissioner of Oaths. When you are planning to use the legal document or agreement internationally, it is advisable to get the document notarized. Otherwise, you may run the risk of your documents not being accepted by the institution where they are required to be submitted.

Law wise Notary Public & Commissioner of Oaths in Mississauga can assist you with notarization and commissioning of all types of documents, such as statutory declarations, invitation letters, Affidavits, court forms, contracts, promissory notes, power of attorneys, mortgages, wills, alter of name application, witness signatures, certified true copy of documents, and authentication of documents with complete confidentiality.

In Mississauga, Law wise now offers walk in notary public as well as notary services with appointment. When you come to us, be assured, you will be coming to a professional dealing with such matters.

Which Notary Public Services Law Wise Professional Corporation Offers in Mississauga?


Law wise offers the following services in:

          1. Notarization
          2. Seal signatures
          3. Real estate closings
          4. Certified true copies
          5. Witnessing of document
          6. Affidavits and statutory declarations
          7. Document drafting services
          8. Will & Power of Attorney Services
          9. Invitation letters

How to Notarize Your Document with Law Wise Professional Notary Public Services?

We make it simple for you to connect instantly with a walk in notary. In less than 10 minutes, you may have your document signed and notarized! Our walk-in notaries are accessible 7 days a week to help you with your notarization requirements. Notarizing documents has never been easier. But Law Wise make it possible to get and have quick appointment with the notary public in Mississauga.


  1. Make file of your valuable documents.
  2. Visit Law Wise Professional Corporation.
  3. Get your Identity document ready. Sign the documents in front of our notary, get signed documents get it notarized instantly, and enjoy fast and easy access to soft & hard copy of the completed notarized document.

How Law-wise Notary Public Services Benefit you?

Reduce fraud and reduce hazards.

We conduct confidential notarial meetings with a complete audit trail. Reduce the danger of identity fraud with safe identity verification systems.


Promote a convenient consumer experience.

Provide our customers with a straightforward, user-friendly signature procedure that saves them time and removes the logistical challenges of meeting a notary public in person.


Run business more quickly and effectively.

Law Wise notarizations expedite the processing of documents. You can save time, money, and reduce delays.

Why You Need a Law-wise walk in Notary?


Law Wise is a Mississauga -based walk in notary public service that offers signing and witnessing. A money-back guarantee backs our walk in notarization services. Try us out and you may rest assured that your paper will be accepted or your payment will be refunded!


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What is a Notary Public?

A Notary Public is an authorized individual by the state to help the public as an impartial witness in a variety of official fraud-prevention tasks involving the signing of important documents.


What is a Commissioner of Oaths?

A Commissioner for Oaths has the authority to witness the signing of important legal documents such as affidavits or statutory declarations. Usually, but not usually, they are a lawyer appointed by the government.


How to find a Notary Public in Mississauga?

If you need contact information for a certain notary public in Mississauga, look up Law Wise Professional Corporation for affordable virtual notarization services.


How to notarize a document in Mississauga?

Our skilled Mississauga notaries will notarize your affidavits, statutory declarations, and other documents swiftly and securely. Get an appointment and notarize your documents.

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